Flatulence / Passing Wind

Flatulence is the presence of a mixture of gases known as flatus in the stomach and intestines. Food allergies can result in flatulence, often with a strong odour, and the simple remedy is to cut out those foods, which cause the problem. Functional flatulence is by far the most common and is often caused by swallowing air with each mouthful of food.

Gas can also be caused by: eating foods that are difficult to digest, eating foods that are intolerable to your digestive system, irritable bowel syndrome, mal-absorption or antibiotics.

Also, intestinal fermentation of the starches in carbohydrate and undigested protein fibres in the bowel lead to swelling as gases are formed. A common cause is feeble secretion of stomach acid and a fall in folic acid levels.

It is important to ensure that you chew your food thoroughly, avoid chewing gum, relax whilst eating, avoid carbonated drinks and walk for at least 10 minutes after eating.

Both the Detox Tincture and Digest Tincture would be supportive in reducing the production of gases within the intestines and stomach. They will assist in improving the overall functioning within the gastro-intestinal tract, thus reducing the re-occurrence of flatulence

The Total Body Probiotic complex may be helpful to replenish good bacteria in the bowel which crowd out the bad bacteria responsible for fermenting food and producing gas.