Soil Association

Most of our products are certified organic by the Soil Association UK. Over 95% of the ingredients we use in our products are also certified organic. We strive to source as much organic ingredients as we can and if we can’t we source wild grown or harvested raw ingredients.

Ethical Award

We are ethically accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation UK for our commitment to people, the environment and animals. Our products are free from animal testing, we source responsibly and only use sustainable natural ingredients in our products. Furthermore we practice an Ethical Pricing policy whereby we earn profits without defrauding competitors or customers. We price our product fairly and always aim to offer good value at the best quality we can source. Our packaging policy is also aimed towards protecting the environment as best we can, and these efforts are always ongoing.

Fresh Press From Harvest

Our oils are freshly pressed from this season’s harvest of naturally dried seeds, kernels and nuts. Our oils are no more than 3 months old from pressing and are 100% pure, cold pressed and unrefined. We never use any preservatives, solvents and fragrances. The freshness and quality is further protected by oxygen free cold pressing and the use of nitrogen during the storage and packing stages. This reduces oxidation of the oils keeping them potent for longer and extends their shelf life. All our oils our biodynamically grown and sourced directly from growers and each batch will display its own unique characteristics depending on the season they were harvested. The ingredients for our oils are cultivated under organic standards. This type of farming ensures the land will remain fertile long after we have gone and does not disrupt the fragile eco-balance with dangerous chemicals and fertilisers. It also ensures the land will continue to provide a home to local wildlife. Many of the ingredients we use are sourced indigenously from small growers that help support local communities, create livelihoods and improve economy.

Fresh Press From Ground Herbs

Our biodynamically grown herbs are naturally air-dried and then freshly ground by hand in small batches in our London workshop and encapsulated by hand within 3 hours. Our herbal supplements contain only 100% powdered pure herb and nothing else. We use the same freshly ground herbs for our unique triple infused herbal oils that we create for our skin, hair and body care.
Our herbs are grown in a ‘holistic cycle’ in harmony with nature, and not as an agribusiness. More of a natural ‘biodynamic’ way of life where plants are not forced, but given the time and space to develop. The soil is completely uncontaminated and the area is allowed to flourish giving local wildlife as well as insect life a home. Those herbs which we cannot, for climatic reasons, source in England, we source with similar care and standards as those grown here.

Vegetarian Society

We’re a 100% vegetarian friendly and Veg Soc approved for all our vitamin supplements, nutritional and superfood products. Over 98% of our products are suitable for Vegans and all our products are cruelty free.