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Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaner


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Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaner helps maintian thorough oral hygiene.

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The tongue's surface is the main breeding ground for harmful bacteria that attack teeth & gums producing a rotten egg - smelling gases or "dragon mouth"!

Tongue cleaning is necessary, in addition to brushing, for a thorough dislodging of the plaque and mucus. In clinical tests, tongue cleaning is proven to have reduced odours and bacteria by 75%!

Tongue scraping with a Tongue Cleaner is a boon for those suffering from coated tongue. Effective tongue cleaning reduces coating on the tongue by as much as 40%!! The best part is that a tongue cleaner is so easy and fun to use.

A myth widely believed is that the stomach is the root cause of bad breath. Bad breath from the stomach is so rare that of a thousand people treated for bad breath not a single case was caused by stomach problems.

Tooth brushing and mouthwashes do nothing to remove oral debris on the tongue, the root cause of bad breath. At best they mask bad breath. Tongue cleaning is by far the most effective way of combating bad breath.

Please note colours may vary from display picture.


Step 1: Stick out your tongue

Step 2: Take the two ends of the tongue scraper in your hand and reach the arch of it to the back of your tongue.

Step 3: Scrape forward several times, rinsing the mucous off the scraper between scrapings

Step 4: Rinse out the mouth once you are done and dry the tongue cleaner


23 Customer Review(s)

does what it says


Way too wide to use easily or even to store effectively.


takes a little getting used to using it but good.


Just what I needed. Quality is good. But why is there a need to bubble wrap this item?


I use this every day and it's a good value for money purchase. Great service from Fushi with an email before I received it with guidance on how to use the tongue scraper


Its amazing what comes off your tongue. I always brushed my tongue with a toothbrush but now realise it wasn't clean. You can feel it clean after using the tongue cleaner. Highly recommend!


So simple and yet so effective! It really cleans the tongue. Before I used to clean my tongue with a toothbrush but this little device does it so much better.


great product




Must have for oral health and overall physical mental and spiritual health.


I cannot live without my tongue cleaner - it keeps my mouth fresh and is gentle yet longlasting.


Useful product definitely makes me feel cleaner and fresher shame it's pretty poor quality though.


You can't stop it!! Really since the day this simple yet useful tool landed on my life I cannot do without it! I just can't imagine not cleansing my tongue everyday after realizing how much dirt it used to be in there. It must be an obligation to clean ou


Great Product


I don't know how I managed without this. My mouth feels totally different after using it. Love it!


While I'm happy with the way this tongue scraper works - it really does make a difference - I can't say the quality is top-notch. The handles were scratched and missing some colour almost as if they'd been attached to another product and pulled apart.


I use it first thing in the morning (even before drinking water) and before brushing my teeth at night and I would not go without it anymore. In the beginning I applied too much pressure so be careful and apply pressure gradually -it is made of metal afte


New to ayurveda products but glad I purchased-moth feels much fresher in morning. Wouldnt be without it now and when I forget to use it-I can tell the difference


This does an excellent job in removing bacteria from the tongue and is so easy to use. I started using this a week ago and my breath is fresher for sure.Forget about mouth washes and use this instead because most of the mouths bacteria is on the tongue an


Surprised by the difference it actually makes

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