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Chlorella (Organic), 90 Veg Caps

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This is because we are awaiting fresh ingredients from our growers; we combine the season's harvest of nuts, seeds and herbs every 3 months so we can deliver the freshest products to you. We know that honesty is important to you and hope you'll understand the story behind the small growers who work hard to make the products you love.

Nutrient dense superfood packed with chlorophyll.

Rich in protein and zinc. 

Can help support immune and digestive health.

Product Description


Nutrient dense superfood packed with B vitamins, chlorophyll, protein and zinc. Chlorella is a micro algae that is said to provide nature’s most highly concentrated source of chlorophyll. Chlorella is also known for its detoxifying properties and its benefits are also said to include the strengthening of the immune system, the stimulation of growth and tissue repair and the enhancing of digestive and bowel functions. It is comprised of 60% protein and contains all the essential amino acids.

Fushi superfoods are bio-dynamically grown, cold processed and 100% raw to retain their complete nutritional properties. They are grown and derived from sustainable sources. We believe in being honest to our customers, kind to our planet and responsible for our actions. 

For the packaging of our Superfoods we have chosen to use glass, a recyclable material. We do not use the more popular laminated pouches as these are unrecyclable. We aim to use materials that are best for the planet, and reflect our ethos of being earth friendly. So they might not be as pretty, but they’re kinder for the planet!


Do not exceed stated recommended dose.

Caution: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. 

Storage: Out of sunlight and heat, in a dark cool place and out of reach of children.


Freeze dried Organic Chlorella Powder (Chlorella Vulgaris), vegetarian pullulan capsules.

500 mg/capsule, 90 capsules

Country of origin: China.

Free from:
Fillers • Binders•  Gluten • Wheat • Lactose • Preservatives • Artificial Colouring • Yeast • Sugar • Animal testing

Chlorella capsules
Nutritional information Typical value per 100g Per 3 capsules
Energy 1448kJ/ 346 kcal 72,4kJ/ 17.3 kcal
Protein  61.3  g 0.92 g
Total Fat  7.8  g 0.12 g
     of which saturates 3.1  g 0.047  g
     of which monounsaturates 2.5  g 0.038  g
     of which poly-unsaturates 2.2  g 0.033  g
Carbohydrate  6.9  g 0.104  g
     of which sugars  1.6  g 0.024  g
Fibre  16.1  g 0.242  g
Salt 0.2  g 0.003  g
Vitamin E 8.9  mg 0.134  mg
Vitamin B1 1.29  mg 0.0194  mg
Vitamin B2 3.1  mg 0.047  mg
Vitamin B3 59  mg 0.89  mg
Vitamin B6 0.96  mg 0.015  mg
Vitamin B12 50  mg 0.75  mg
Biotin 100 msg 1.5 mcg
Vitamin C 2.6  mg 0.04  mg
Iron 210  mg 3.15  mg
Zinc 69.8  mg 1.05  mg
Calcium 330  mg 4.95  mg
Amino acids:    
Alanine 3.37  g 0.051  g
Arginine 4.22  g 0.63  g
Aspartic acid  3.53  g 0.05  g
Glutamic acid  6.6  g 0.1  g
Glycine 3.34  g 0.05  g
Histidine  1.17  g 0.018  g
Isoleucine  2.98  g 0.045  g
Leucine  5.27  g 0.08  g
Lysine  3.68  g 0.05  g
Methionine 0.89  g 0.013  g
Proline 2.76  g 0.041  g
Serine  2.38  g 0.036  g
Theronine 3.12  g 0.047  g
Tryptophan  2.82  g 0.04  g
Tyrosine  2.75  g 0.04  g
Valine  2.59  g 0.04  g



Directions: 3 capsules daily with food. 


Fushi Wellbeing is ethically accredited and has been awarded by the Ethical Organisation for its commitment to alleviate environmental waste, pollution, child labour, animal testing and other unfair trade practices. Fushi believes in being honest to its customers, kind to the planet and responsible for its actions. Fushi is committed to giving back to Mother Nature. They have recently launched the "Tree for Eternity" campaign by setting aside a percentage of their profits for Tree Aid, a UK charity that uses trees to alleviate poverty and promote self reliance in some of the poorest regions of rural Africa.
Founded in London, inspired by the world, Fushi is the first wellbeing brand to offer professionally formulated products for both internal health and external beauty. Highly acclaimed, organic and natural remedies to combat the most common modern day ailments, and help you glow from the inside out!


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Not opened product yet, but if it's as good quality as other recently purchased product, I know I'll be pleased and a satisfied customer. Thank you in advance.


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