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Coconut Organic Oil Virgin Fresh-Pressed

Coconut Organic Oil Virgin Fresh-Pressed


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Organic virgin Coconut oil is a universal oil for dry skin, for conditioning the hair and for internal use as health oil supplement.

Product Description


Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil

The health and beauty benefits of virgin organic coconut oil are world renowned. It is a natural anti aging moisturiser, excellent hair conditioner and an effective anti dandruff remedy. Used as hair oil it also encourages healthy hair growth, regenerates thinning hair and promotes a healthy scalp.

It has also been known to be helpful for skin conditions such as eczema and is a wonderful natural emollient for dry skin. It deeply nourishes the skin, is easily absorbed and can also used as massage oil for the body.


Coconut Oil Pressed from Fresh

Our oils are pressed from this season’s fresh harvest of seeds, nuts and kernels, to retain quality potency and efficacy. Fushi's Organic Coconut Oil is also one of the most potent and pure types of coconut oil, using approx 3.5 coconuts to make a 250g jar of oil.


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera).

Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Organic and Fair for Life Certified.

Country of origin : Sri Lanka

Certified Organic by the Soil Association Licence No: DA22368. EU Organic Certified GB-ORG-05 EU/non-EU agriculture.

Coconut oil
Nutritional Information Typical value per 100g
Energy 3761kJ/ 899 kcal
Total Fats 99.8  g
     of which saturates 93.7  g
     of which unsaturates 6.1  g
Carbohydrate 0  g
Fibre 0  g
Protein 0.1  g
Salt 0  g
This freshly pressed jar of coconut oil was made from approx. 3.5 coconuts

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What is the shelf life of Fushi’s coconut oil and the recommended storage requirements?

Fushi’s coconut oil should not be refrigerated. It should be kept at room temperature. Coconut oil has a very long shelf life of up to 18 months.

Why is coconut oil so beneficial for cooking?

Coconut oil has a high smoking point of 350° F. The smoking point of an oil is how high a temperature it can reach before the natural impurities in the oil begin to burn. The lower the smoking point, the lower the temperature the oil can be heated to before it starts smoking as a result of burning impurities. Higher smoke-point oils are better for high-temperature cooking, including deep frying.

Does coconut oil raise cholesterol?

Yes, but only the good cholesterol that you want to raise. The body needs good cholesterol, or HDL, to function at its best, and coconut oil raises those levels. At the same time, it is said to either lower or leave alone the levels of LDL cholesterol, or the bad kind. So while your cholesterol levels might see a net increase, the effect is a positive one.

Where is does Fushi’s Coconut oil originate from and how many coconuts are one jar?

Fushi’s coconut oil is from Sri Lanka. Coconut oil tastes different depending on the origin. Sri Lankan coconut oil is a much lighter aroma and flavour. This oil is fresh pressed to retain quality potency and efficacy. Fushi's Organic Coconut Oil is also one of the most potent and pure types of coconut oil, using approximately 3.5 coconuts to make a 250g jar of oil.

Is coconut oil high in saturated fat?

Coconut oil happens to be abundant in Lauric acid, a type of saturated fatty acid that - although it does raise cholesterol levels, mainly increases HDL, the healthy type of cholesterol that you want to be high. The chain length of saturated fats is another indicator of healthfulness. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides, which are used directly for energy by your body. These fatty acids are mostly lost during the refining process, but they are present in unrefined coconut oil. This means that the fat content of unrefined coconut oil may prove beneficial.


368 Customer Review(s)

Very goodVery


The product is loved by the whole family, it's the only coconut oil we use.


This is very good.


I love Fushi coconut oil, great for loads of things. I will always use it and buy it from Fushi


The texture was different from the previous one I have bought. I prefer the old formula the most. But apparently has the same quality.


Couldn't be happier with the quality of both the product and the customer service!


Great quality!


It tastes and smells like pristine nature!


Great product


Excellent quality and taste.


I use this oil for cooking and heating turmeric mixed with black pepper. Very good.


It's a great product!


Excellent product


Again, high level product.


The coconut oil is really wonderful I use it on skin and hair. I really want to know if I can use it to cook ??


First class quality


Very good for hydrating skin and not greasy.


the best coconutoil ever


I have been using coconut oil for years, from various sources and this is the best.


I discovered months ago fushi's coconut oil and it' really amazing!!i even use it as a make up remover!i love it!!

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