Laura Andrews - Natural Beauty Care

Laura Andrews is our skin care and holistic lifestyle expert. With a background in naturopathy and over 10 years experience in the field she has also contributed towards the development of many of our top selling herbal remedies. Always up to date on the latest news in natural beauty and skin care she is also part of the Fushi expert panel and helps us stay ahead with our product development.

Matilda Jones – Nutrition and alternative therapies
Matilda Jones is our consultant nutritionist and holistic therapies expert. She has over 12 years experience in nutritional counselling and nutritional medicine. She advises and assists with the formulation of many of our ethical vitamin supplements too. Her vast knowledge of herbs and natural remedies makes her a valuable part of the Fushi Team.

Freya Harper- Fitness and Wellbeing
Freya Harper is a fitness expert and has been both a mentor and a trainer in the fitness industry. Over the last 8 years Freya has been training in and practising yoga in the UK, India and Australia. Her keen interest is Hatha Yoga in which she has specialised. She also conducts workshops on meditation and breathing techniques.

Sam Wallace – Green Living
Sam Wallace has a degree in environmental science and is a passionate environmentalist. With over 12 years of experience in environmental consulting. Sam’s main interest is in sustainable living and green lifestyle practises. Sam regularly campaigns for his chosen environmental concerns and helped Fushi achieve ethical accreditation. .