Broccoli Powder

Broccoli offers outstanding health benefits and is a powerhouse of nutrients and properties to make it a superfood. Broccoli offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, and also is a very concentrated source of a premium antioxidant vitamin C, which helps to scavenge harmful free radicals. Broccoli is packed full of fibre, which is very important for intestinal health, and in turn affects all other areas of the body.

Especially effective in liver detoxification and lessen the effect of allergy-related substances in the digestive tract. Also important for eye health.

Compounds from vegetables such as broccoli can combat even the most aggressive types of breast cancer, scientists have revealed. - American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists 2012

£8.50 /100g
Moringa Leaf Powder

The nutrient dense African Moringa often called the Miracle Tree, offers an abundance of nutritional benefits. The powder is made from the dried leaf of the tree and delivers a wealth of nutrients and an impressive content of protein in a highly bio-available food state. This is why it is often dubbed as the ‘natural multivitamin’, it contains potassium, zinc and iron in a way most easily absorbed by the body. Not only that, it also contains the essential amino acids the body requires and helps boost the immune system. The impressive Moringa is also prized for its unique medicinal properties.

This super supplement, is a great alternative to caffeinated beverages.Dr Oz
Being vegan this protein rich Moringa is great for me. I used it in the pesto recipe Fushi suggested and that worked out well.Helen P
High quality and value for money for a product that helps you facing the winter season. Perfect sprinkled on salads or fresh chopped fruit or with almond milk. Review by Grazia

£7.50 /100g
Green Tea Extract

Fushi’s Green Tea & Matcha is the first innovative supplement on the market, combining a concentrated green tea extract with pure Matcha powder for the most effective health benefits. The main bioactive compounds in green tea may help improve your health and wellbeing, as well as make you feel and look younger. The antioxidant polyphenols, such as flavonoids and catechins in green tea help to scavenge free radicals, which can damage our cells and cause havoc in the body. Free radicals are thought to be one of the main players in ageing. The antioxidants in green tea can help to neutralise the free radical compounds and have an important role in improving wellbeing.

Katy Perry’s favourite supplement to weight loss
Miranda Kerr's secret to glowing skin
Catechins, and especially the epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found exclusively in green tea has a positive effect on weight loss, according to the International Journal of Obesity.-Pubmed

£12.00 /60 Caps
Vitamin D 60 Caps

Vitamin D has a key role in boosting immune function and the addition of the antioxidant rich co-factors further enhances the benefits. Vitamin D is also essential in calcium absorption and helps to develop healthy bones and teeth, as well as supporting the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Additionally, this formula has anti-inflammatory properties and can be helpful for improving inflammatory conditions.

This blend takes its inspiration from nature and delivers nutrients and co-factors that benefit bone, cardio vascular and nervous system health. Rick Hay Author of Superfoodist & Fushi Nutritionist
Third bottle of vitamin D and eczema is getting better- Kinga

£12.00 /60 Caps