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  1. Coconut Organic Oil Virgin Fresh-Pressed
    As low as £6.00
    Fresh pressed, Organic Pure Srilankan Coconut Oil Known for its incomparable taste, quality and... Learn More
  2. Pure Aloe Vera Juice Organic 500ml
    25% OFF
    • Organically grown, hand selected leaves from mature plants• Cold processed and unfiltered to maximise potency•... Learn More
  3. Ghee Clarified Organic Grass Fed Butter
    10% OFF
    As low as £8.50
    Ayurvedic wisdom has hailed ghee as the ultimate cooking oil Rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D and K2 Ghee is... Learn More
  4. • Rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids and Gamma Linoleic acids (GLA)• English grown seeds which are grown and... Learn More
  5. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, C & E for healthy skin Rich in hydrating omega 3 fatty acids, leaving your skin... Learn More
  6. Milk Thistle Organic Tincture 100ml
    As low as £12.00
    Milk Thistle, also known as Saint Mary's Thistle, is known for its liver cleansing properties.{{block... Learn More

Are you missing a specific nutrient from your diet? Do you try your best to make up for these nutrients but are still deficient in some areas? Our range of food supplements are made to keep you healthy and help provide you with all the goodness when you're not getting the nutrients you need from food. Try Fushi nutritional supplements today for award-winning health products.

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