Fushi Spa

Fushi treatments are a fabulously integrated brand of massage using a combination of healing practises from Ayurveda, reflexology and herbal compresses to ensure a sensational and wonderfully therapeutic experience from top to toe. Designed to address Sleep, Detox, Energy and Stress, Fushi treatments offer a holistic and innovative approach to Spa treatments.

Fushi Pure Massage Treatment

Cleansing you body of its accumulated toxins is a great way to boost well-being. Detoxification neutralises toxins and removes them from the body by helping the eliminatory organs-skin, bowel, kidneys, liver and lungs to function efficiently.

The Fushi Pure Detox is a unique combination full body treatment to help remove toxins from the body caused by urban pollution and refined, processed foods. A combination lymphatic drainage massage, reflexology and a stimulation pressure point head massage are some of this treatment;s revitalising aspects.
Fushi Peace Massage Treatment

You may think that stress is an inevitable fator of a modern lifestyle but it has a significant effect on your health. Stress is often the cause of a multitude of health problems. The key to dealing with stress is to address short-term symptoms before they become long-term conditions, which could lead to an array of problems.

The Fushi Peace de-stress treatment includes a stress relieving combination of massage techniquest. A luxuriously relaxing full body massage with acupressure relaxation points is combined with a warm herbal compress to help calm and relax the body, leaving you revived and refreshed.
Fushi Power Massage Treatment

Lack of energy is a common complain, we all experience lethargy at some point. Most treatments focus on relaxation but many times its lack of energy that we suffer from.

The Fushi Power energy treatment stimulates and focuses on energising the energy chakras. It includes aspects of Ayurveda's Marma therapy as well as acupressure points to help unblock energy channels, combined with a very relaxing massage whist stimulating and re-energising the whole body at the same time
Fushi Soothe Massage Treatment

Sleep problems are among the most common. Many of us suffer from insomnia due to stress and out lifestyle. Lack of sleep can affect our health and well being, yet many people don’t get enough. Some people spend enough time in bed, but their sleep is not refreshing.

The Fushi Soothe Treatment is calming and brings harmony to the body and soul. It is based on a full body massage with acupressure points and the sensational Ayurvedic warm oil pouring specifically known to aid insomnia, anxiety, headaches or migraines. It is superb for relaxing the nervous system.
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