She’s known as Sporty Spice, so it seems appropriate that Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm - Mel C as she is often called - enjoys her exercise.

"I like yoga,” the powerful-voiced beauty recently told Hello Online, “I do Vinyasa flow and a bit of Bikram.”

She’s not alone in her enjoyment of the yoga, of course, with many people all over the world owning Yoga mats and getting a huge amount of benefit from the fulfilling and fun pastime.

So what other types of exercise does Sporty enjoy? She told Hello that she loves running in the great outdoors, and in fact has plans to take part in a triathlon later in 2012 - the second such event she’s undertaken, so it sounds like she’s truly living up to the nickname she was given back in the 1990s after she and her fellow Spice Girls burst onto the scene with hit Wannabe.

Mel told the website she’s been cycling, swimming and running as well as doing strength and circuit work in preparation for her forthcoming triathlon.

At present though, she’s taken a break from this exercise regime, saying: “I'm rehearsing every hour god sends."

The star is currently preparing to return to the role of Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar, the Andrew Lloyd Webber show which she toured arenas with last year.

She said she doesn’t stick to a strict diet but rather feels that food ought to be “as natural and as fresh as possible, especially in a year like this year where I'm very busy with work and I'm doing the triathlon.”

She she eats lots of protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit and drinks lots of water, she said.

"I love to have a drink and I love cake but it's just about everything being in moderation, isn't it,” the sensible singer explained. 

Mel said that she tries to go by a system where she is “good” about what she eats for 80 per cent of her time. She warned against total denial of treats, saying that diet was “all about balance”.