Organic beauty products are relied upon by many people to help keep their skin feeling hydrated and revitalised, especially in the warmer summer months.

One of the main benefits of such natural beauty products is that they can work well for those with sensitive skin, containing no harsh chemicals likely to irritate or adversely affect the skin.

Ingredients in skincare products are hugely important, according to Paul Williams, director of Gentle Beauty Limited, who argues that what we put on our skin can affect the rest of our body.

"The skin is there to protect us from the elements from the sun and the weather et cetera. If we put a lot of aggressive chemicals onto our skin, we actually compromise the skin's ability to protect us," he explained.

This could cause the skin to react and the immune system to attack the skin, leading to rashes and swelling.

Your skin on the most part isn't sensitive and will be fairly robust, however it does depend on how it is treated.

The skin is your barrier to the world, but it really does go through quite a lot.

Mr Williams said: "When you think about the way we treat our skin, we shave it to get the hairs off, we cut it, we swim in warm soups of chlorine, we bombard it with UV rays, then on top of all that we put a huge amount of chemical products onto us."

He added: "We don't know what effects these chemical products are having in the main. It is a very hard life for the skin."

Organic beauty products used on the skin can help to reduce the numbers of chemicals you use daily, giving skin a rest and also taking full advantage of natural ingredients such as fragrant essential oils and moisturising shea butter.

Posted by Laura Andrews