People trying out healthy living practices may already be eating an organic-only diet, but if you're on the fence about making the switch, then perhaps this list of reasons to try it out could offer a little help.

The UK Soil Association has revealed its top benefits of eating organic food, and while this diet is favoured by many it still causes a bit of debate.
But why might you want to give organic food a go?

1. No nasty additives

Organic food doesn't come with food additives, many of which have proven links to health problems.

2. It avoids pesticides

Farmers in the UK routinely use more than 400 chemical pesticides in conventional farming practice. While produce is washed residues can remain on non-organic food.

3. It's healthy

Higher levels of vitamin C, antioxidants, and essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, chromium and iron are frequently found in organic food.

4. No genetic modification

Genetically modified (GM) crops and ingredients are banned under organic standards.

5. High food standards

Organic suppliers pride themselves on complying with organic standards and are frequently inspected.

6. Drug use in animal rearing is banned

There is no reliance on drugs, meaning that farm animals are not routinely injected with growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

7. Animal welfare is high

Organic farming methods are routinely monitored and animal welfare is taken extremely seriously under these standards.

8. It's environmentally-friendly

According to the UK government organic farming is better for wildlife, produces less dangerous wastes, causes lower pollution from sprays and ultimately contributes less to global warming by producing less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

9. There are no hidden costs

Organic produce does not come at a premium, as taxpayers pay for chemicals to be removed from drinking water, including conventional farm's pesticide runoff.

10. It's full of flavour!

Many people prefer to eat organic food because they believe that it tastes more flavourful.

Why not grow your own organic produce and test out some of these claims for yourself?

Posted by Sam Wallace