By Jade Ellis

In 2016 we saw the rise of Turmeric, an incredibly important anti-inflammatory herb, Matcha lattes, the probiotic fermented tea –Kombucca. We also saw the Minimalist trend take off. Material possessions were so 2015! The importance of the microbiome and our Gut came to light, and we all wanted to know more.

In 2017, we have seen the rise of Adaptogens – the anti-stress herbs, medicinal mushrooms, the ketogenic diet,intermittent fasting, healthy fats and superfood lattes. We have also seen the popularity of self-care soar. Staying in has become the new going out, and fats have become something to welcome rather than avoid. We hope to see 2018 be the year of giving back. The concept of wellness seems to have shifted from one person’s journey, to a much bigger spectrum. There is a huge importance in coming together to unite for a cause, and to try and benefit the world in some way.


After the last year of hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and extreme weather, it has shaken us to realise that changes need to be made. We now have the research which tells us that yes, human actions really do effect the possibility of such tragedies. We are now starting to realise that we have to start changing our ways for the future of the planet. In 2017 more companies have started to become aware of their own sustainability and ethics. They have recognised the importance in taking responsibility for the carbon footprint they are leaving behind. The general consumer is becoming more consciousand brands seem to be noticing this shift.

Bloggers have started the ‘zero waste’ challenge which denotes the use of plastic in everyday life. The #zerowaste hashtag on Instagram consists of unpackaged fruit and veg, re-useable glass jars and bottles and ethically made cotton tote bags. Many people are bringing their own reusable cup to their local coffee shop, and glass bottles to work. In 2018, we predict that the everyday health conscious consumer will want to step up their commitment to the protection of the planet. It is becoming more apparent that every little action we make contributes to a much bigger purpose.


As much as we all love a good scroll on Instagram, social media is beginning to encroach every aspect of our lives. Of course, there are many benefitsand social media is a way to stay connected to each other. However, it could be argued that staring at our screens all day could be isolating us from actual human connection. Now may be a good time to take a break from the online world…

There is new research which shows that those who spend more time on social media feel less socially fulfilled and the more stressed out we become. It is interesting yet frightening to think of the future and what outcome our addiction to technology will have. There is new research that has found young people are especially susceptible to changes in brain chemistry, which can lead to increased anxiety, drowsiness, and may be linked to the increase in depression amongst teenagers. Steve Jobs had even claimed in an interview that he doesn’t let his children use ipads. He is just one of the many tech execs that impose strict control on their kids screen time. There are now certain apps becoming available which can measure the amount of time you spend on your phone, and allows you to set yourself a limit. The key like anything in life, isfinding a good balance!


A word which has become important of late and garnered excitement in the health & wellness world; Mitochondria. Mitochondria are power plants in your cells that turn your food and oxygen into energy. When they cease to function at their best, you can expect to feel more tired, have lower body and brain function and even age faster.

So… what can we do to help our own body’s Mitochondria? By eating healthier fats! It is really that simple. Good fats are integral in the proper functioning of our bodies, and they are Mitochondria’s preferred fuel. The huge interest in fats sparked the very popular ketogenic diet, which promotes a high fat diet and has a number of very positive attributes. We think there will be more health and beauty products geared towards the high fat movement. After all, we all know how incredible oils are for your skin, and now we have come to understand the numerous benefits of fats for health too. Seems like we should all hold on to our coconut oil!


Buying natural beauty products has always seemed to be very hit and miss. It is sometimes hard to know if companies are actually selling products with natural ingredients, or if you are unknowingly buying items with hidden chemicals and nasties. Now it seems we are all more aware of what is going into the products we are buying, and there is a demand to know exactly what ingredients we are using. Many companies are now promising transparency in their ingredient lists. It is so exciting that due to people driving the demand, once the niche area of green beauty, is now becoming accessible for us all!


In 2017, Veganism and has grown massively and is only set to keep going. New restaurants, cafes, markets and events are constantly popping up, and people are starting to take notice of this lifestyle. The event Vegan Nights in Shoreditch, has become so popular that the event is continuing for the foreseeable future, with the best vegan companies coming together to create a night focused around great plant based food.

There are large ranges of alternative products including dairy free cheese and milk, egg replacements, alternative meat products and so much more. It is becoming so much easier to follow a plant based diet due to the array of options. People are also noticing the connection to this lifestyle; being able to benefit the animals, themselves and the environment. We predict that Veganism will continue to grow even more in 2018!


The world of mindfulness is booming at the moment. Mindfulness and mediation are ways to manage and improve the relationship with your body and mind. It seems that we all need some kind of outlet for the stresses of our busy lives. There are even new cafes with ‘meditation stations’ with serene meditation pods. They have guided meditations; where you can settle into your pod, recharge, and then head back out into your day feeling refreshed and de-stressed.

Self-care is trending on Instagram and people are starting to have ‘me time’, which is so much more than just applying a face mask! Self-care can be anything from eating wholesome food to making sure you are getting enough sleep each night. Self-care can be any act throughout your day which is going to benefit your health in some way. These small practices are so integral in finding some peace of mind in worrying or stressful times. Underneath all of the self-care hashtags, there isa great purpose for these snaps.We predict many more to come…