Not only can the winter months affect your mood, they can also impact on your skin. Whether it is the lack of sunlight, partaking in one too many festive food treats or end-of-year stress, your skin can start looking tired and dull.

Skin fatigue can occur at any time of the year and causes your skin to become dry, tight, dull and rough. However, it is very common throughout the winter due to darker days, colder temperatures and wilder weather. 

If you want a quick pick-me-up to brighten your tired skin and combat all the signs of skin fatigue, here are a few great ideas that could help you out.

Oil cleansing

You may think that using oil to clean your skin would be too heavy, but actually it helps to dissolve all dirt, fight impurities, moisturise and provide nutrients to your skin that are important to helping it stay bright.

You can use a variety of oils for cleaning, although it is a good idea to use a main oil and a carrier oil. Caster oil is a great all-round option for this method as it is fantastic at purifying the skin. However it is also quite astringent and should be mixed with another oil, such as jojoba, olive or rose hip.

Simply massage about a teaspoon of your oil mixture into your skin in small circular motions - the oil will remove mascara so you can go over your eyes. Massage for around five to ten minutes to ensure you have covered all areas of your face.

Soak a face cloth in hot water until it is completely wet, then ring it out. Place it over your face for around ten minutes before gently wiping all the oil away. You can repeat this step if you don't feel all the oil is removed.

Not only will this method give you an instant boost, it will also result in clear, bright and moisturised skin when used every day.


Tired skin can often lead to your pores looking much larger. Not only can this make your skin look dull, dirty and oily; it can also result in more blemishes. 

If you want to instantly brighten your skin and tighten your pores, simply use ice on your skin after cleansing it. 

Wash your face thoroughly - this is important as tightening your pores if they contain dirt or excess oil can result in spots and blackheads. 

When you have dried your skin, hold an ice cube to it for 15 to 30 seconds. This will instantly tighten the pores and get your skin Christmas party ready.

Facial massage

One of the easiest ways to brighten dull and tired skin is to improve the circulation to your face. Boosting blood flow will help to make skin look more youthful and improve the way it functions, often helping to banish dry winter skin along with skin fatigue.

Someone else can perform the massage for you, or you can do it yourself - practice makes perfect. 

Start by massaging moisturiser or facial oil into the skin, working from the chin up to the ear line. Use the heels of your hands and keep the pressure even. Then work in a line from underneath the cheekbones up to the ears, being sure to only move your hands in upwards motions.

Use your fingers to massage down the length of your nose - this is also great for helping to clear your sinuses if you are suffering from a cold. Then tap around your eye area with your fingertips - do not pull the skin as this can result in wrinkles.

Finally tap over the forehead and scalp before using the same motion over the rest of your face. Your skin will look instantly brighter and ready for anything.