When it comes to including good foods into your diet, it can be hard to know what are really the best things for you. With so many different things being hailed as 'superfoods' it can be tricky to figure out what really is super. 

You might think that food and drinks like acai berries and green tea should be at the top of the list as they have been hailed as some of the best things for a healthy diet. However, there are some foods that are sneakily super and can offer tasty - and cheaper - alternatives to those that have been heavily advertised in recent months.


Not only is popcorn easy and pretty cheap to make, it also comes with a load of antioxidants. In fact, popcorn actually contains more antioxidants than fruit, making it a great and healthy snack - so long as you don't douse it with sugar, salt or butter.

To avoid any nasty additives, avoid popcorn you'd get at the cinema or microwave bags. Instead, just buy plain corn kernels and pop it yourself in the microwave or on the hob. If you want to add a bit of flavour, try using different oils - such as olive or coconut - to increase the taste in a healthy way.


It isn't just green fruit and vegetables that are good for your diet, blackberries and other forms of dark fruit are also superfoods. The dark colour of blackberries is created by anthocyanins, which are pigments within plants that could help to protect you against a range of health issues, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. They also have more antioxidants in them than in lighter-coloured fruit. 


Not only do lentils offer a great and filling alternative to starchy foods such as rice and pasta, they also have a range of health benefits. This cheap little legume is fantastic at helping to keep your heart healthy by providing you with tonnes of fibre, which can help towards lowering your cholesterol levels.

They also have a lot of protein in them, which makes them perfect for vegetarians and vegans who have limited access to protein in their diet. This means they provide a great boost of slow-release energy to keep you going throughout the day.