Being pregnant is not an excuse to let yourself go, and many women actually use the opportunity to work on their fitness and concentrate on their health.

But how can you stay fit during pregnancy?

1. Yoga

Yoga is a great low impact form of exercise, designed to strengthen the body and relax the mind - making it a top way to stay fit while expecting.

"Yoga helps tone the body, reintegrating the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles," claims yoga teacher Lisa Sanfilippo, from

It also assists pregnant women in listening to the body’s needs, "and tending to any aches and pains that arise, making space for the baby through intelligent stretching and breath work," all of which even yoga for beginners should be able to tackle.

2. Jogging

This form of exercise has come under fire lately, however if you were a keen jogger beforehand then there is no reason you cannot carry on, albeit cutting down your distances.

It’s important to seek professional advice if you’re concerned, however this cardiovascular exercise can really help lift your mood and boost overall fitness if done sensibly.

3. Swimming

Swimming is a brilliant way to unwind and helps to tone your whole body, especially if done regularly.

Experiment with strokes to find which is most comfortable and remember that lifeguards are always at hand if you find yourself struggling.

4. Walking or hiking

Even as you enter your final trimester, a good walk can be a great way to stay fit, especially if you attempt a brisk pace, where you break into a sweat.

Alternatively walking in woodlands or more scenic countryside can be more interesting, however it’s recommended that you don’t steer too far from public places when on your own just in case.

Before embarking on any new exercise routines it makes sense to contact a medical professional to work out where your limits might lie.

Posted by Freya Harper