When it comes to working out, whether you are a gym regular or just starting a routine, it is important to ensure that you have the right items in your workout wardrobe.

Not only can wearing the wrong clothes while exercising be uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous; especially if you are making use of equipment. 

In order to get the most out of your routine it is best to make sure you are wearing clothing that is suitable. Incorrect outfits can restrict movement, which can lead to you performing stretches or exercises incorrectly and injuring yourself.

So, before you hit the gym or start a yoga session, here are the five things that should be in your wardrobe.

Sports bra

Sports bras are different from those that you wear everyday. They offer more support and restrict movement to a minimum in order to make exercising more comfortable. Whether performing a low or high-impact workout, you need to be wearing a sports bra. 

Unlike regular bras, a sports bra will cover the entire breast area, keeping them firmly out of the way. This stops them from spilling out mid stretch or moving around too much - which can cause you discomfort or even pain.


We all know that wearing the incorrect shoes can be incredibly uncomfortable and leave you aching for days. But when it comes to working out, the wrong shoes can cause a lot more damage.

Trainers are the best option as they allow for a good level of movement, can be adjusted easily to maintain your comfort and have a good level of grip. They are suitable for a number of different activities and so are a good investment.

When choosing your trainers you should ensure that they fit properly, provide support to your ankles and feel right when you move.


You might think that you can get away with an old top and a pair of tracksuit trousers when working out, but these items really aren't ideal.

When it comes to the best pair of trousers, you need something that is flexible so your movements aren't restricted, warm and aren't too loose. 

Leggings are the perfect option as they move with you, meaning they are great for most forms of exercise. You can also get different lengths, which makes them suited for various weather conditions and exercise types.


Vests or tank tops are the best option for exercising. The lack of sleeves is beneficial as it means no part of the top will get in the way and, just like leggings, they move with you. This ensures a good level of movement.

You are able to get vests in a large variety of styles, helping you to find one that you are comfortable in, fits you correctly and keeps you covered no matter what exercises you are doing. 

If you do want to go for something with sleeves, choose a fitted top to avoid the issues that loose clothing can create.


Headbands are vital for high impact sports where you are likely to sweat. Not only do they help to keep hair out of your eyes, they also stop perspiration from running into your eyes and hampering your eyesight.

This drastically improves your vision throughout your whole workout and ensures that you don't hurt yourself or anyone else.