Getting healthy doesn't have to go hand-in-hand with an expensive gym membership. There are plenty of ways that you can introduce exercise into your everyday life without having to pay out a fortune on going to the gym.

You're able to take up exercises everyday that will do you just as much good as heading to the gym regularly. In fact, adding certain things into your routine will make it easy to keep up with exercising as opposed to trying to maintain the level of motivation needed to head to the gym every week.

Here are ten ways that you can get healthy and enjoy a good level of exercise without damaging your bank balance.

Set a routine

We all have busy schedules in this modern world so it can be difficult to make time for exercising and healthy activities. Making a schedule can help you decide what you want to do and ensure that you stick to the plan. If you get other people involved, you're less likely to cancel what you had planned to do.

Change your transportation 

Rather than getting in your car, on a train or flagging down a bus, try walking to where you have to be. Although it may take you longer to get there, you also end up getting a good workout that can do wonders when you make journeys everyday.

If you don't think that you can walk the distance you have to travel, you can always try cycling. This is also great exercise for you and can be a quicker option when heading to work as it saves you getting stuck in rush hour traffic. 

Use DVDs

It can be difficult to find classes or exercise sessions that fit around your schedule. Hiring or buying fitness and workout DVDs is a great way to enjoy a class without having to leave your house. 

There are numerous different fitness DVDs out there, meaning that you have plenty of options and can vary what type of exercises you do throughout a week.


Even if you are already walking or cycling to places, jogging can be hugely beneficial. You can build up endurance, it fits around your schedule and it is a great way to feel energised. It can also help to relieve stress and is a great exercise to do on your own or with a friend. 

But the best thing about jogging? It is incredibly inexpensive once you have the right clothing for it. 

Invest in equipment

Rather than paying out every month for a gym membership, you can always make a one-time investment in equipment of your own. Whether you just want a pair of weights or are considering getting larger workout equipment, buying your own means you have what you need and you don't have to keep going to the gym and spending money.

Do simple exercises

Things like push-ups, sit-ups and squats at home is easy so long as you can make a bit of room and are a great way of starting your day. You can start off small and include a few of each a day, before building up as your flexibility and endurance improves.  

Get together with friends

Meeting up with friends means that you can start competitive or team sports, helping you to get some exercise. Why not play tennis or badminton or start a game of five-a-side with your work colleagues?

Not only can it be a lot of fun but it is perfect if you want to feel motivated, as your friends and colleagues will push you to achieve more.

Go to the beach

Swimming is a great way to exercise but regular trips to the swimming pool can be expensive. Heading to your nearest beach means that you can go for a swim for free. 

You should remember though that open waters can be dangerous, so be sure to take the necessary safety precautions. Check if there are lifeguards in the area, what the weather is like and whether there is a chance of strong currents. In colder weather, be sure to have a thermos of tea or coffee to hand!