Sticking to organic beauty products that meet the requirements of your specific skin type is the best way to attain a glowing complexion, according to the International Dermal Institute.

Sally Penford, education manager at the organisation, explained that there is no reason to keep switching your skincare routine if your current one suits your skin.

"However, what you need to be aware of is that your skin changes all the time, so it is not necessarily that the product has stopped working, it is that your skin has changed, so you might need something different," she pointed out.

Our skin type is mostly down to our genes, so if you have had dry skin since childhood, you will have to tweak your skincare regime to reflect this, although from time to time you may experience "skin conditions".

"So although I have a dry skin, I might get breakouts for hormonal reasons for example. I’m sure you all see that - everyday you look at your skin and it looks a little bit different," commented Ms Penford.

"Some days you may think ’my skin is glowing today’. Other days you may think ’I am really suffering as a result of a couple of late nights and I am looking really tired’."

If this is often the case with you, it’s worth investing in a couple of natural beauty products to pep up your complexion when it needs it. Stick to your basic skincare ’tools’ - a cleanser, toner and moisturiser - then add a "booster or a serum, a mask or an exfoliant, that can adapt as your skin changes".

Sesame seed oil, for example, is packed full of antioxidants, vitamin E and a whole host of good fats that are said to help zap spots and prevent blackheads.

It can also provide a barrier between your delicate skin and the harsh environs, shielding your complexion from pollutants in the air.

Posted by Laura Andrews