People who use organic beauty products in their twenties could benefit from decades of glowing, dewy skin.

According to cosmetic expert Dr Rita Rakus, it is best to start anti-ageing skin care routines when you are young "to give your complexion the best possible chance of glowing through the years".

Skin care in your twenties is all about protecting the face against sun damage.

"Never leave the house without wearing a moisturiser that is at least SPF25, to ensure skin is protected around the clock. It’s also advisable to stay away from the ultimate age-inducing habit of smoking," she noted.

"If you don’t smoke, don’t start, and if you do, give it up as soon as you possibly can. Smoking is incredibly ageing on the skin. I know it’s a hard habit to crack, but the earlier you give up, the better your skin will look in the future."

The doctor explained that skin starts losing elasticity when we hit our thirties, so this is the time to invest in a good eye cream, as it is important to keep the delicate under-eye area well hydrated.

Once we reach our forties our natural collagen production plummets, meaning it could be time to give ourselves extra help by way of natural beauty products.

"Plus we lose a lot of volume in our face as a result of fat loss under the skin, which means the fine lines and wrinkles we had in our thirties may deepen and we might see folds appearing on the skin around the ’nose-to-lip’ lines and the jowls, and a general loss of vibrance in the skin," Dr Rakus said.

"Invest in products that will plump, boost collagen production and firm."

In our fifties, intense hydration is "really important", so skin care fans could look into using a serum as well as a moisturiser to keep skin looking fresh and natural.

Healthy living can also play a part in how our skin looks and feels, so make sure you’re drinking enough water every day and try to aim for at least five portions of fruit and vegetables in your diet.

Posted by Laura Andrews