As we move from summer into the colder months of autumn, we need to start looking after our skin in order to protect it from harsh central heating and biting winds.

According to the Daily Mail, patches of red skin on the cheeks can be a form of rosacea, which is exacerbated by heat, cold, sensitivity to products and allergies, so switching to organic beauty products might be a good idea for anyone who suffers from the same problem.

Sally Penford of the International Dermal Institute told the newspaper: "Rosacea is a progressive inflammatory disorder that begins with scratchy sensations and flushing associated with specific triggers, but can later lead to burst capillaries, facial swelling and breakouts.

"I’d recommend seeking advice from a professional skin therapist to determine what are the issues and what the triggers may be."

Individuals with ruddy cheeks may find their skin calms down if they avoid alcohol and caffeine and try to not expose their face to extreme temperatures.

As well as that, a number of natural beauty products could help soothe angry skin, such as rich moisturisers.

Skin care fans might also like to try certain oils to bring down inflammation.

Chey Birch, aromatherapist and founder of Black Chicken Remedies, told the newspaper that essential oils and carrier oils can often help.

"Carrier oils such as rosehip, jojoba, evening primrose or argan oil are really helpful with rosacea because they regulate the sebum and reduce irritation," she pointed out.

"Essential oils including lavender help to calm the skin, as well as having anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties."

The main thing to do to improve the appearance of rosacea is to keep the skin hydrated. This means avoiding any abrasive chemicals on red patches and keeping the cheeks well moisturised.

On sunny autumn days, people with rosacea should still apply suncream even if it’s not that warm, because strong sunlight is thought to make the condition worse.

In the meantime, it is best not to worry because often it can be a temporary problem, and there are plenty of treatments to get rid of unsightly lumps and bumps on the face.

Posted by Laura Andrews