What can cause hair loss?

Worried about the amount of hair that ends up in your brush every morning, or the strands left on your pillow overnight? Shedding is usual, particularly during the warmer weather, but losing clumps of hair every day requires intervention in order restore your locks to their former glory.


According to Nicole Low, brand manager at Kerastase, it is usual to lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair every day.


She told thestar.com that people should seek professional advice if they are experiencing abnormal hair loss, thinning hair or fragile, weak hair, which often presents itself in the form of split ends. "Genetics, stress, medication, hormonal changes and poor diet are some of the causes of hair fall. Depending on the contributing factors, hair fall can be temporary or permanent," the news source reported.


How can you address hair loss?

However, many people with hair loss simply focus on the natural outcome of shedding - bald spots - rather than addressing what can be done to promote hair growth again. That’s where hair oil comes in. Oiling the hair once a week is said by followers of the method to stimulate growth and nourish the follicle, which in turn strengthens hair and reduces split ends.


Start with herbal oils

To start with, you’ll need a herbal oil that suits your hair condition and problem. Coconut oil is a good all-rounder, helping to reduce shedding and promote strength and shine, while jojoba oil is used to stimulate growth.


Mix things up with castor oil

Mix your chosen oil with a carrier oil, such as castor oil, to make the solution go further. Warm it in a bowl or jug for a few seconds in the microwave, testing the liquid with your finger to ensure it is not too hot.


Divide your hair into sections and apply the oil from root to tip with your hands. Rub it firmly into your scalp, using your fingers to give yourself a head massage at the same time. It is thought that stimulation of the scalp is what reduces hair loss, so massage it in for as long as possible.


Rinse and repeat

You can either leave the oil on for half an hour or overnight, wrapping your hair in a warm towel to stop your pillow getting oily and using the heat of the towel to ensure the oil penetrates into your hair.


Repeat the process once a week for as long as it takes to see a difference. Your hair will look healthier, shinier and stronger - and should grow faster as a result of all that scalp massage.