With many of us silently thanking the gods that the cold snap appears to be over, our hair now has the chance to recover from the freezing temperatures and blasts of central heating that winter brings.

But according to new research, the average British woman will still spend the equivalent of 26 years of her life having bad hair days - that’s two days a week if you’re planning to live to 100!

The survey found that greasy, limp and frizzy locks lower women’s confidence and result in them not doing their usual activities - 12 per cent said they have cancelled a date because of the state of their barnet, while five per cent have even called in sick to work when they are having a bad hair day.

Celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill commented: "It is incredible the impact bad hair can have on the day ahead. Women feel like entirely different people when their hair won’t behave - having flat, unmanageable tresses can make you feel tired, grumpy and less confident."

Luckily, there are plenty of natural products that can be used to tame tresses and tackle all sorts of hair problems.

With today (March 8th) marking the Hindu festival of Holi, many women in the UK and in other countries will be using olive oil and coconut oil to protect their hair against the colourful powder thrown at revellers as part of the celebrations.

Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta told the Daily Mail that individuals with long hair should tie it back during the festivities because the colours used in the power can strip the locks of moisture, leaving the hair dry and rough for weeks.

"Finally to remove the colour, be careful not to rub with soap. Use milk-based cleanser or oil and wash off using warm water. Follow up by applying a generous amount of oil and moisturiser on wet skin to replenish the hydration which protects the skin," she advised.

Posted by Laura Andrews