They may not be the first group of people that spring to mind when you think of a class full of occupied Yoga mats, but the Coldstream Guards are reportedly taking up the traditional art of Yoga to deal with the demands of their job.

According to the Daily Mail, the guards, who wear heavy bearskin helmets in both the summer and the winter, have taken up Bikram Yoga in order to deal with hot conditions, as they regularly carry out the Trooping of the Colour in full regalia come rain or shine.

Bikram classes involve heating the room to 40 degrees and performing up to 26 Yoga postures in 90 minutes, which is said to help burn off calories while benefiting from the pain relief that comes with stretching.

The newspaper stated that the hot and humid conditions of the Yoga classes are designed to flush out toxins through sweating and could also help prevent injuries, while up to 1,250 calories can be burnt in a single session.

Other household names who are said to be fans of laying out their Yoga equipment in Bikram classes as Lady Gaga, David Beckham and Robbie Williams, the publication added.

Meanwhile, Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine has spoken out about his exercise regime and how he uses Yoga to sculpt his body rather than use weights.

He told Details magazine that the stretching helps him feel more relaxed while toning his entire body. "It’s an investment in happiness for the rest of my life," he added.

And Crewe football club manager Steve Davis has told reporters that he is going to introduce his squad to Yoga equipment so that they can improve their flexibility and prolong their sports careers.

"It will cut down the injuries and strengthen areas where they’re weak at the moment. It’s something different and it will freshen things up," Mr Davis added.

Posted by Freya Harper