A holistic approach that includes healthy nutritional supplements may be the best way to achieving success in shedding pounds.

According to Zoe Hellman, head of dietetics and health policy at Weight Watchers, people keen on losing weight should embark on a "comprehensive" regimen that includes healthy living and staying active.

She maintained that a multi-pronged approach that includes group support and adopting healthy behavioral patterns is the fastest way to weight loss success and maintaining a trim physique.

"You need to watch what you eat and control your intake, you also need to be physically active regularly," Ms Hellman commented.

"You need to acknowledge that if this weight loss is going to last for the long-term, which is of course what we want to help people to do, you have got to change those bad habits into good, and make changes to your lifestyle."

Incorporating supplements such as Organic Spirulina Extract Capsules and Total Body Slim Complex can also help keep the pounds from piling on.

Ms Hellman urged people trying to lose weight that it is not just what they eat that is important - they need to remember to incorporate all the other elements otherwise they are likely to fail in their quest to lose weight and keep it off.

Those seeking to lose weight were also advised not to try to go it alone and forgo the help of a supportive network of kindred spirits.

Ms Hellman pointed out that there is plenty of independent evidence is shows that weekly group support can significantly help people achieve success in their weight loss efforts.

A recent report published by The Lancet medical journal found that adults who are referred to a commercial weight loss programme lose around twice as much weight as people who receive standard care over a 12-month period.

Posted by Matilda Jones