Practising your postures on quality Yoga mats could help you still your racing mind and calm you down in times of stress.

This is the view of Emma Catto, a Yoga expert from advice service, who said the poses and controlled breathing encourages us to detach from "the contant chatter of the mind".

"The postures give us stability and strength allowing us to be ’in our body’ and have a sense of who we are in the world and stretching activates the parasympathetic nervous system which calms us down. They also help our body release chronic and acute tension held in our body and teach us how to relax," she commented.

While Yoga beginners might feel a little alarmed by the level of agility and flexibility involved, with time and practice they too will be able to get the most out of their Yoga equipment.

"It is essential to start with a beginner’s class or course and to make sure that the teacher is qualified. It is advisable to think what you would like your Yoga practice to give you and then you can choose the most appropriately qualified teacher," Ms Catto added.

Her comments came after research from the Boston University School of Medicine and other US institutions found strong links between Yoga and a reduction of stress-related symptoms.

The study revealed that Yoga could be effective at treating conditions like depression, high blood pressure, anxiety and heart disease.

Meanwhile, reality star Gretchen Rossi of US show The Real Housewives of Orange County has been showing off the results of her devotion to Yoga, having been spotted in California practising Yoga postures ahead of a jog around her neighbourhood.

She struck a few poses to limber up for her run and displayed her toned body in a crop top and sports shorts.

Posted by Freya Harper