We might already be feeling the pressure to get beach-ready for our upcoming summer holiday, but that doesn’t mean we should be putting our body through any gruelling faddy diets.

According to registered nutritionist Dr Carina Norris, going on a drastic detox can leave us feeling weak and moody because we are depriving ourselves of vital nutrients.

"But it is a good idea to take stock of your diet, and see where it might have slipped a bit over the winter months," commented the expert. "Try to cut down on fatty, nutrient-poor foods, and fill up on nutrient-dense foods such as lean meat and poultry, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy, pulses, nuts and seeds, and plenty of fruit and vegetables."

She noted that it is important to stay well hydrated, so stock up on healthy fruit teas and herbal supplements to ensure you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need.

Dr Norris also pointed out that using coconut oil in your diet could provide the fatty acids required to boost metabolism and aid weight loss, although there is not enough evidence to say this for sure.

"However, animal studies suggest that polyphenol compounds in coconut oil can lower total cholesterol and the ’bad’ LDL form of cholesterol, as well as raising ’good’ HDL cholesterol, which could potentially have heart benefits," she added.

Meanwhile, Buckinghamshire-based personal trainer Scott Marsh of Xcelerate Fitness told the Bucks Free Press that we have around eight weeks before the summer starts in earnest, hopefully bringing with it warmer temperatures and plenty of sun.

If you’re planning on slimming down or shaping up before hitting the beach, time is of the essence, he noted.

"Every single day counts," the fitness expert added. "Adherence is the key to any fitness program so help yourself along by marking down the days on a calendar, scheduling your workouts in advance and planning your meals ahead of time."

Posted by Freya Harper