With autumn now on the way, summer hair colours are out and darker tones are likely to prove popular, according to celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward.

The stylist told the Express and Star newspaper that long beach hair is falling out of fashion as women's wardrobe choices change to suit the season.

"Going darker in autumn and winter is common," he explained. "Most women want to reflect the key fashion trends by opting for richer colours, which are denser in tone.

"This annual trend is like a hair migration. Women all over the country go for a real departure hair-wise to greet the new season and compliment their wardrobes."

In terms of styles, Josh Rees Hole, a stylist at Urban Retreat, told the publication that super-short crops like Emma Watson's will be hot this autumn.

"I think this is one that'll keep on giving," he remarked. "Since stars like Emma went for the chop, women have been getting bolder and rocking this 60s-inspired style for themselves."

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Posted by Laura Andrews