Are your jeans feeling a little tighter after all those mince pies, sweets and mulled wines? Are you planning a healthy New Year eating and exercise regime?

You’re not alone. Thousands of us will be looking to shift the extra pounds we’ve gained in the last few weeks, and for many it’ll be a long process.

According to a new survey by MSN, the average person will spend the next three months trying to shed the festive weight they’ve accumulated around their waistlines.

Christmas dinner alone typically contains 2,300 calories once extra helpings are taken into account. Then there are the desserts, the cheeses, the nibbles and the alcohol.

Three quarters of those questioned by MSN admitted that they over-indulge at this time of year, knowing that they will have to diet in the New Year to regain their figure.

But is it a choice between going all out at Christmas and dieting in the New Year, or forgoing the festive treats altogether? Not according to nutritionist Dora Walsh, who reckons you can have your cake and eat it too, as long as you munch on it slowly.

"You can still enjoy your food at Christmas without going overboard and gaining weight," she remarked. "The key is to eat slowly and enjoy what you are eating without over filling, and also stay active over the Christmas period to help burn off any excess calories."

"It’s all about moderation," she added, "which will help avoid the extremes of gorging at Christmas and starving after. Any post-Christmas diet plan needs to be sensible and balanced because crash diets don’t work and quick fixes won’t last."

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Posted by Matilda Jones