This week the UK is experiencing somewhat of a miniature heatwave, causing many people to reassess their eating habits.

Healthy living is not about sticking to the same diet throughout the year, as your body will change depending on its conditions.

Ritika Samadar, chief dietician at Max Hospital in India, claims that people should consider changing their diet to include lighter and healthier foods to help keep the body cool.

More water should be drunk, while fluids with electrolytes like coconut water and lemonade should be consumed and oily foods are best to be avoided, claimed Ms Samadar.

"In summer, light food should be preferred which can be digested easily. So, oily and junk food like pizzas, burgers must be avoided," she explained.

Vegetables with high water content such as onions, tomatoes and cucumbers should also be eaten regularly as they will both cool the body down and provide essential nutrients, argues Vijai KS Shukla, chairperson of the Omega 3 Council of India.

"For the meat lovers, there is a delicious alternative to fried chicken and red meat - roasted or grilled fish which have high amounts of fatty acids helping in regulating blood pressure, immune responses and liver function," he added.

During the warmer months the body will need greater amounts of vitamins, which can be gained from nutritional supplements, as well as from a balanced diet, while water consumption is essential to reduce the risk of dehydration.

Beneficial food items you might like to try during the summer include gooseberries, which are known to help reduce the ageing affects of the sun’s rays, benefiting the heart and hair also.

Meanwhile apricots can be particularly useful in the treatment of summer acne, providing iron, vitamin C, potassium and fibre, and making a top tasting snack.

Other ingredients to try include unripened mangoes, cardamom and yoghurt, all useful in helping you to keep your cool when the weather heats up.

Posted by Matilda Jones