Rick says: "Cellulite develops due to heredity, hormonal and dietary factors and can be exacerbated due to a lack of physical exercise. Cellulite is worsened by poor liver and gall bladder function, if the liver and gall bladder are not functioning correctly, fat metabolism is compromised and problems such as cellulite can intensify. However there’s no reason why you can’t reduce its appearance and this daily routine will get you started just in time for the bikini season."

Rick’s made this plan as easy and flexible as possible to follow.

Morning ritual

A great way to start each day is to have a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon or grapefruit: this stimulates the liver and gall bladder and helps get the lymphatic system going. This should be followed by a relaxing five minute deep breathing session to help oxygenate the system - this breathing exercise should be repeated just before bed.

Massage the Really Good Cellulite Oil in circular motions into the affected for 15 minutes until oil is nicely absorbed. Use firm strokes and massage always towards the heart.


A Cellulite Busting Breakfast is a fresh fruit salad with a low fat, sugar and artificial sweetener free yoghurt with added berries and almonds.

If you prefer something warm then a bowl of porridge with berries will work too. The berries have catabolic properties and the yogurt and oats help to keep you fuller for longer thereby reducing the chances of you snacking on cakes, muffins, crisps or biscuits.

Fresh juices do wonders and if you can fit this in do try and make a fresh juice one daily. Good fruit and vegetable options are Apple, Carrot, Celery and Ginger or Apple, Beetroot and Spinach. These are high in phytonutrients and enzymes and are the perfect addition to your cellulite fighting arsenal.

After breakfast walk part of the way to work or go for a quick 10 to 15 minute walk if you are based at home. Exercise helps to reduce cellulite levels - you should also walk or move for 5 minutes of every hour: so if you have a desk job make sure that 5 minutes out of every sixty is spent away from your desk.

Mid morning and mid afternoon snacks

Mid morning and mid afternoon a handful of almonds should be eaten with a piece of fruit from the Recommended Foods list below: this helps to prevent unhealthy snacking and provides the body with healthy antioxidants and enzymes. You should also have a cup of herbal tea like Dandelion or a cup of Fushi’s Pure or Power teas help to cleanse the liver, reduce water retention and help to stimulate the lymphatic system: which in turn helps to metabolise hard to move cellulite fatty deposits.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner should be protein based so something like a lentil and vegetable soup, chicken or fish with salad or a vegetable curry with brown rice are great effective cellulite busting choices. See the Recommended Foods lists for the right ingredient choices. Dessert can be fruits from the lists with some nuts and yoghurt if desired.

Before dinner some exercise to boost some circulation is a great way to help tackle stubborn cellulite. Skipping, trampolining or vibration plates/discs are perfect to help with lymphatic cleansing. If this is too much for you, you can simply walk up and down your stairs for five to ten minutes each night.

Before bed massage the Really Good Cellulite in circular motions into the affected for 15 minutes until oil is nicely absorbed. Use firm strokes and massage always towards the heart.

Other lifestyle tips

Body brushing is recommended before your shower as this can help to intensify lymphatic drainage which in turn helps to move fatty deposits out of cellulite prone areas (see Fushi’s Body Brushing Info sheet). Alternating hot and cold water in the shower is another way to stimulate circulation and should employed after body brushing for best results.

Cardio exercises like running help boost circulation and improve oxygenation. Power Yoga and Bikram Yoga also help with detoxifying and toning the body.

You could also turbo charge your cellulite busting regime by using Fushi’s Detox Patches on the soles of your feet at night and by increasing your intake of Fushi’s Organic Green Superfoods like Spirulina, Wheat Grass or Chlorophyll - two capsules or a teaspoon mid morning or afternoon can help the body to detox and to increase much needed energy levels.

In order to reduce cellulite weight must be managed - this anti cellulite regime will help with both. weight and cellulite loss

Recommended food list


- Fish - Beans - Lentils - Organic chicken - Quinoa - Tofu


- Alfalfa - Artichoke - Asparagus - Beans - Beetroot - Broccoli - Brussels sprouts - Carrot - Cabbage - Capsicum - Cauliflower - Celery - Chillies - Chinese greens - Corn - Cucumber - Dill pickle - Eggplant - Endive - Fennel - Garlic - Ginger - Herbs - Leek - Lettuce - Mushroom - Onion - Parsnip - Peas - Pumpkin - Radish - Red cabbage - Sauerkraut - Seaweed - Spinach - Sweet potato - Tomato - Turnip - Watercress - Zucchini


- Apple - Apricot - Blackberry - Blueberry - Cherries - Grapefruit - Grapes - Lemon - Lime - Nectarine - Orange - Papaya - Peach - Pear - Plum - Pomegranate - Raspberry - Rhubarb - Strawberry - Tangerine - Nuts - Almonds

Foods to avoid

- Bread - Cakes - Chips and crisps - Cream and ice-cream - Crisp bread and crackers - Crumpets - Dried fruits - Jelly - Margarine and processed vegetable oils - Muffins - Pasta - Pastry - Potatoes - Soft drinks - Sports Drinks - Sweets - Salt - Tinned fruit in syrup - White rice