Taking some time out on your Yoga equipment could help people feel calmer and more relaxed, and thus less prone to stress.

Ann McCracken, chair of the International Stress Management Association, explained: "Keeping active and regularly exercising helps to keep the body’s emotional chemicals in balance. This means we think, behave and react more appropriately to the situation we find ourselves in; this in turn increases the resources we have to deal with situations we perceive as difficult or challenging."

As well as investing in quality Yoga mats, individuals who are feeling frazzled by work or home life could follow a healthy eating diet and look after themselves inside and out.

"Eating starchy foods such as rice and pasta, with plenty of fruit and vegetables, some protein-rich foods such as meat, fish and lentils, and some milk and dairy foods (and not too much fat, salt or sugar) as well as drinking water, nourishes the cells in the body allowing all organs and functions to work better," Ms McCracken added.

Her comments came after research from Oregon State University found that people who identify their health as being good tend to live longer, while men who experience persistently moderate or high levels of stressful life events have a 50 per cent higher mortality rate.

Meanwhile, a study revealed that weekly Yoga classes and stretching sessions can ease pain and improve functioning in some people with chronic lower back pain.

In their research, which is published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the researchers found that it was probably the stretching in Yoga that helped improve pain symptoms.

Karen Sherman of the Group Health Research Institute in Seattle, who led the study, told Reuters: "Here is an option that is something worth trying.

"There is absolutely no treatment that works for everybody ... [but] if they're willing to practise, they should go ahead and give it a try."

This could lead to more people getting their quality Yoga mats out and giving it a go.

Posted by Freya Harper