Kate Middleton has become something of a style icon since her wedding last year, and you’ll find it difficult to come across someone who isn’t a little bit envious of her glossy locks.

So other than using organic shampoo to strip our tresses of dirt and hair oil to restore shine and strength, how can we get a mane like the Duchess of Cambridge?

According to dermatologist Jessica Wu, our hair is extremely susceptible to changes in our diet and lifestyle, so a period of stress at work or a few sleepless nights will soon take its toll on the state of our scalp.

“If you’re not eating a balanced diet - and not supplying the follicles with the nutrients they need - your hair will pay the price,” the expert wrote in the Daily Mail. “It will become finer and lighter in colour, and the cuticle (the outermost layer of each hair) will fray more easily, so the hair becomes rough in texture and more prone to split ends.”

To counter this, Ms Wu suggests upping your intake of foods that are high in an amino acid named cysteine, such as pork, eggs, red peppers, dairy, garlic and oats. This will strengthen the hair by boosting production of keratin, which is what forms strands of hair.

Eating lots of spinach, lentils, whole grains and green beans will also increase your levels of silicon, which is essential for healthy strong locks.

Weak, brittle hair that is prone to breakage may be the result of a lack of iron in your diet, as anaemia can lead to thinning hair in women. Make sure your iron levels are kept up by preparing meals containing lean red meat, kidney beans and turkey, or take a nutritional supplement to ensure healthy hair, skin and nails fit for a princess.

Posted by Laura Andrews