Using organic shampoo to gently lift impurities away from the hair could leave tresses glossy and healthy - no matter how old you are.

According to the Daily Mirror, our locks have different needs as we age, so the products we were using ten years ago may not be working so well for us now.

Women in their twenties, for example, might require an intense dry hair treatment to deal with the damage caused by hair straighteners, curling tongs and colouring, so be kind to your barnet by using a gentle cleansing product.

London Hairdresser of the Year Skyler McDonald recommended using "a clarifying shampoo that rids hair of product build-up and oils, without stripping".

Females in their thirties may need to keep their colour vibrant to suit their personality, so the newspaper advised investing in specialist products, such as organic shampoo and conditioner.

"Your hair shade changes as you age, reaching its darkest in your thirties, so colour it to achieve a tone most flattering to your complexion," Skyler noted.

By the time you reach your forties, your hair may have started losing melanin and you could be spotting a few rogue grey strands standing out from your scalp. Whether you decide to cover them with colour or want to turn heads with your stunning silver tresses, you may require a hydrating product that sorts out the wiry, coarse texture of those grey hairs.

Fifty-something women who have gone through the menopause may notice their locks are starting to thin as oestrogen levels fall, which is where a hair loss treatment comes in handy. Some products are said to nurture thinning scalps, while styling goods such as pomades and wax can add volume.

Lastly, females in their 60s and up need to keep hydrating their hair to prevent it from looking thin and lank.

"By now you may be sporting a head of grey or white hair and production of sebum has slowed, leaving hair dry and crying out for conditioning," the hair expert added.

Posted by Laura Andrews