Dandruff. Not the most pleasant of skin conditions to endure and potentially embarrassing in social situations, as sufferers tend to feel like all eyes are on their itchy heads.

But there are gentle treatments that work to soothe angry scalps and rid the head of flakes of dry skin.

As the Times of India reports, contrary to popular belief, dandruff is not caused by excessive shampooing or dry skin, so individuals can use an itchy scalp treatment safe in the knowledge that they are calming the affected areas.

Indeed, if individuals afflicted with dandruff avoid washing their hair, they could worsen the problem, as the scalp will not be cleaned properly so the flakes will become larger and more noticeable.

As well as treating the issue externally by investing in organic shampoo, sufferers can also look after themselves inside to reduce dandruff.

A healthy diet is a great way to start and hair care fans are encouraged to eat balanced meals and avoid fried, greasy and spicy food, as well as alcohol and caffeine, to see if that helps soothe their scalp.

Food allergies and stress can also exacerbate dandruff, so a visit to the doctor could be in order if people are feeling under the weather or believe a certain food group is contributing to skin conditions.

Another natural solution to the problem of dandruff is good old-fashioned sunshine, as a dose of sunny rays can settle itchy scalps.

As well as shampooing and conditioning hair, individuals with dandruff could try washing their locks in freshly squeezed lime juice, which is said to disperse dry flakes. Dried lime also works if it has been immersed in warm olive oil or coconut milk.

So those with dandruff don’t need to panic - the problem can be solved relatively quickly with the right natural hair care products and a little TLC.

Posted by Laura Andrews