Tired of dry, flaky skin? Give your hands and face a treat this winter and find natural beauty products to make them feel soft and smooth.

Dr Helen Robertshaw, expert dermatologist from expertbeauty.com, explained that the combination of cold weather and indoor heating tends to dry out the skin, leaving individuals with dehydrated-looking faces and hands.

"Many complain of dry, cracked hands, lips and generally dry facial skin. If the skin is dry, it is best to avoid all soaps as these tend to dry the skin more and instead use a moisturising soap substitute," she noted.

Organic beauty products such as moisturiser could help to plump up the skin and make it look dewy and fresh, while a good quality chapstick could also be an ideal investment.

"The hands often need a greasier product, which can be used more intensively at times when you are not working to avoid having greasy hands - which can be difficult to work with. If you need to wash your hands a lot at work, take a soap substitute with you. If you have greasy areas on the face and dry patches, avoid the greasy areas as they do not require extra moisturiser," Dr Robertshaw added.

The best time to moisturise is straight out of the shower or bath, when skin is already well hydrated. Using a gentle soap beforehand leaves natural oils on the surface of the skin, which are necessary to stop it getting dry and flaky.

You could also try exfoliating dry patches with a sponge, special gloves or a body scrub. This will slough off the dry, dead skin, leaving the face and body gleaming and looking healthy, just in time for the Christmas party season.

Posted by Laura Andrews