What do Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Pippa Middleton all have in common? That’s right - world-famous derrieres that are a source of envy for women whose own backsides are less perky and located a lot more further south than they’d like.

But we can all get a bum to be proud of by toning the group of muscles that make up the buttock area, which includes the gluteus maximus, the gluteus medius and the gluteus minimus.

Healthy living measures such as exercise and diet are the main things that will help you get your bum toned and lifted, so get stuck into these activities and you’ll soon see the difference when you look in the mirror.


Butt squeezes: You can do these sitting, standing or lying down, so they are perfect for when you’re at your desk or relaxing at home. Simply contract your glutes and hold the squeeze for 30 seconds - or longer, if you can - before releasing. Do a few sets each day whenever you think about it.


Squats: The aim here is to get your bum as close to the ground as possible while keeping your back straight and your spine correctly aligned. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor but your knees should not be any further forward than your toes. If you want to deepen the squat, hold a pair of light weights in your hands as you dip, or use a Swiss ball against the wall to slide down into the right position. Do 15 reps and rest, then try the same exercise again.


Lunges: These look easy to perform but it can be tricky to maintain your balance while you execute the move. Stand with both feet together and take one big step forward. Holding this position, bend your back leg so that the knee almost touches the ground, forming a right angle with the front leg. You can hang on to a couple of weights while you do this to deepen the lunge.

Other exercises that are great for exercising the bum include cycling, running and swimming, so try a combination of activities for a great beach bum within weeks.

Posted by Freya Harper