Investing in quality Yoga mats and getting more active could help those who are stressed out about their money worries.

This is the view of Kim Stephenson, founder of online resource Taming the Pound, who noted that stress is a "blanket description of the bad stuff that can happen when you have too much strain".

The body’s response to things like redundancy, bereavement or money problems is to stay in the ’fight or flight’ mode for too long, meaning organs "come under pressure" and "chemicals in the body and brain can get out of balance".

"So you can end up with physical problems like heart disease as well as reactions like irritability, lack of concentration, sleeplessness et cetera, which add to the problems and you may start using inappropriate coping mechanisms like drugs," he said.

However, there are ways to reduce stress, such as by formulating a plan to cope with financial troubles by making a budget or grabbing some Yoga equipment and getting active.

"Physical activity, even walking, is a good stress reducer, keeps you fitter and doesn’t need to cost anything. Competing with others can be expensive and increase stress - focusing on your own hobbies like painting, sports or gardening is linked to happiness and better health," Mr Stephenson commented.

Meanwhile, Yoga teacher Charlotte Watts of has spoken out about the importance of eating healthily in the winter, as our body’s natural reaction is to build up an extra layer of fat to see us through the colder months.

But if people do not take much exercise, it can be easy to pile on the pounds and crave sugary and fatty meals as comfort food.

"So it’s really important if you’re really craving that, [that] you are getting the right fats. So having things like olive oil, avocado, nuts, healthy free range meats, oily fish - all of this satisfies the body’s need for something very real in winter," Ms Watts added.

Posted by Freya Harper