Taking care of yourself and ensuring you get enough sleep is what healthy living is all about, and women could feel better this autumn by getting plenty of shuteye.

A spokesman for bed company Teme Valley explained that it is "really important" that people have a good night’s sleep for a number of reasons.

"It dictates how you function the next day. If you have a good night’s sleep then you wake up refreshed, but if you have a bad night’s sleep then everyone knows what that feels like," he noted.

"Part of the reason why you fidget and why you move and have nightmares is because you are not properly supported. How many times do you think you move during the night? It is a lot because after a while your body doesn’t feel the right support, so you move and move and you don’t sleep as well as you think you do."

Turning your mattress could be one way to get the most out of your bed, and this ensures the mattress lasts for longer. Investing in new duvets could also help get you off to sleep without resorting to counting sheep.

When the clocks go back this weekend (Sunday October 30th), individuals might consider taking up gentle exercise to help them snooze better during the longer nights. Buying quality Yoga mats and looking into local Yoga classes could be one way to do this.

A-list actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently extolled the virtues of getting lots of kip.

"For me, sleep is a major thing," she told Sirius XM. "I don’t always get it, and when I don’t, I look like I’ve been hit by a truck."

The Iron Man star also swears by nutritional supplements such as vitamins and works out for two hours a day to stay looking slim and fit.

Posted by Matilda Jones