With hair generally looking a bit dull in autumn, it might be time to invest in some dry hair treatment to get life back into locks.

Trying a different style can also help make hair look more interesting, and many people will want to take a leaf out of Kate Middleton’s book and replicate the tumbling curls she has been sporting recently.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s crowning glory is often worn loose and long, with soft, bouncy curls at the bottom of her hair and sleek and shiny on top.

According to the Daily Mail, this look is not difficult to achieve with the right tools at home, although some individuals might like to visit a salon to ensure their hair stays wavy with the use of a digital perm.

This involves using a pre-treatment to protect locks before a solution is applied where the person wants a wave. This means that just the lower half of the hair can be curled, leaving barnets looking more natural instead of the 1980s-style perm.

Christian B Toth of Eleven Hair in the West End told the newspaper that he brought the digital perm to the UK after discovering it in Japan.

"Celebrities have definitely influenced the popularity of loose waves. The Olsen twins, Jennifer Aniston and model Gisele often wear their hair down with this soft curl. It gives body and movement to hair in a very sexy, natural way," he pointed out.

"Women love the soft, boho waves that the digital perm creates. It leaves hair so easy to style at home, and it looks natural, carefree and very sexy. My clients love that they can get curls without using tongs or hot rollers every day."

Meanwhile, Yvette Cowles, marketing director of lifestyle consultancy All Your Life, has championed the use of organic shampoo for anyone with dry or sensitive scalps.

Posted by Laura Andrews