Written by Laura Andrews, Skin Care and Holistic Lifestyle Expert

Hand model swears by almond oil

A model whose hands have been featured in major advertising campaigns has said her success is down to using almond oil every day.


Gemma Howorth, whose hands are insured for a cool £5 million, has appeared in adverts for Rimmel, Cadbury’s and Fairy Liquid, believes the oil keeps her assets looking smooth and youthful.

"I have tested hundreds of products and I always go back to my almond oil. It is the cheapest and best. Some other products don’t seem to sink into the skin, but almond oil does," she explained.


"It really nourishes, and you don’t need separate hand creams and cuticle oils." The 27-year-old model has to take special care of her flawless hands, as the slightest abrasion or broken fingernail could lose her work for weeks.


"I sunbathe with gloves on," she said. "I forgot the gloves once and, even with high-factor sun cream, I noticed tiny wrinkles developing on my hands."


Essential for moisturising

Ms Howorth, who also runs the UK’s only body-part model agency Body London, also tells her 140 models to use almond oil, and uses it herself at least 30 times a day to keep her hands, fingers and nails moisturised and soft. One of her models, Sunna Jarman, uses the oil on her legs before she goes to shoots because she believes it helps her avoid cellulite.


"It’s just fantastic. I never buy normal moisturisers. Maybe it’s just me, but I find they are just no good. I don’t think you need to spend money on expensive things like that," she added.


Almond oil can also be used in natural conditioners to give the hair a deep hydrating treatment, according to OneIndia. Simply add a drop of almond oil and some vinegar to a cup of water and dap the mixture onto the scalp with cotton buds to say goodbye to dandruff.