Fitness enthusiasts keen to try something new have been encourage to try their hand at hot Yoga, or Bikram Yoga.

According to Heather Dale of Fit Sugar, although hot Yoga may seem intimidating at first, it is one of the most invigorating fitness exercises available.

Hot Yoga involves participants contorting their body into a range of challenging positions on Yoga mats in temperatures of around 40 degrees Celsius.

Some sessions make use of low tempo meditative music, while others are accompanied by loud rhythmic music to facilitate the process.

The poses involved in hot Yoga can be very intense and tend to be held for longer periods of time, while others are quick.

Regardless of the tempo, hot Yoga practitioners are urged to keep filling their lungs with air and take long, deep breaths throughout the workout.

Ms Dale pointed out that hot Yoga participants need to keep themselves hydrated during the session and if they need time to rest and catch their breath, they should go into the child’s pose and take the time they need before proceeding.

Potential hot Yoga participants are warned that they should prepare to sweat profusely due to the intense temperatures the sessions usually take place in.

"Feel free to wipe your face during class with your hand towel if the sweat beads rolling down your face get to be too much and after class, remember to wipe around your mat for any sweat that escaped your towel zone," Ms Dale stated.

Participants were also advised to steer clear of baggy articles of clothing or items made of cotton, because these tend to trap sweat, which will lead to a feeling of discomfort.

Fushi offer a range of ethical bamboo Yoga clothes that are ideal for a comfortable hot Yoga workout.

Celebrity Yoga trainer Subodh Gupta recently extolled the virtues of the Chakrasana Yoga poses, stressing that it is an ideal way to improve overall strength and suppleness.

Posted by Freya Harper