If your complexion is suffering from the cold weather, January stress, blasts of central heating and the post-Christmas comedown, you might not want to slather on more chemicals than necessary to get your skin glowing.

This is where organic beauty products come in handy, as they contain natural ingredients to gently soothe irritated skin and calm inflammation and blemishes.

Laura Jane Sessions, make-up artist at organicmakeupartist.co.uk, explained that traditional cosmetics can contain a whole host of nasties, including harsh chemicals, residues of pesticide, parabens and silicones.

"All these products are rigorously tested of course - often on animals - but we can never truly understand the risks until time passes," she pointed out.

"Instead, the naturally occurring ingredients used in organic makeup products, such as botanical extracts, essential oils and herbs, offer beneficial qualities for your skin. Some moisturise, protect and nourish - whilst others contain naturally occurring preserving and anti-bacterial properties, ensuring the product stays fresh - removing the need for synthetic chemicals."

As a proponent of organic beauty products, you will also be making a stand against animal testing, as organic make-up "is almost entirely cruelty-free", Ms Sessions commented.

"Where animal by-products such as beeswax are used, they are usually sourced in a way that does not cause harm to animals or wildlife. The benefits of using organic makeup go way beyond caring for your own skin."

Similarly, the trend for using Argan oil as an anti-ageing skincare and hair care product is benefiting not only those of us who use it, but also women in rural Morocco who are being employed to produce the natural oil.

According to the BBC, dozens of co-operatives have been established in the south-west of the country to generate the product, which in turn has made a number of women there the main breadwinners of their families and encouraged more females to set up their own businesses.

Posted by Laura Andrews