We can all suffer from bloating at times - particularly in the run up to getting our period or when we’ve overdone it at the all-you-can-eat buffet - but there are certain foods that should be avoided as much as possible if we want to keep the top button on our jeans firmly fastened.

Unfortunately, the food we shouldn’t eat is precisely what we crave when we’re feeling run down - cakes, refined sugar and booze - but by indulging ourselves we just end up perpetuating the vicious circle.

Luckily, there are plenty of tasty treats we can snack on when we want to prevent that over-full feeling, so stock up on whole grains including rice and quinoa, fresh, unsalted nuts, rice and oat cakes, natural bio yogurt and eggs, advises Ian Marber - otherwise known as The Food Doctor.

He also recommends upping our intake of fresh vegetables, sweet and regular potatoes and tomatoes - although most fresh and dried fruit should be avoided because the natural sugars can lead to bloating in the stomach.

"Yeasts that live in the gut thrive in the presence of refined sugars, fermented products such as alcohol and food containing yeast - notably bread. Yeasts also release gas which, in turn, causes bloating," he wrote in the Daily Mail.

"This may explain why, when people avoid wheat, they inevitably consume less yeast and in turn feel better. This leads them to mistakenly believe they have a wheat intolerance when, in fact, it was the yeast causing the problem."

The expert added that taking nutritional supplements in conjunction with a healthier diet could help banish the bloat for good, so consider investing in probiotics and odourless garlic capsules.

Although long-term dietary changes are needed to ensure your stomach stays smooth and flat, you can start to introduce fresh fruit into your diet after two weeks of sticking to a strict healthy eating plan, then gradually add in small amounts of yeasted bread when you feel your body is ready to cope with it again.

Posted by Matilda Jones