It's hard to get going on these cold wintry mornings, so start your day with a nourishing breakfast that will make you feel less sluggish and tired.

Helen O'Donnell, presenter for the Weight To Go diet food company, said our parents have been right all along: breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, and what's more, eating it could even help you shed a few post-Christmas pounds.

"Some experts believe that those who eat breakfast are more likely to make good dietary choices throughout the day," she noted. "Eating high fibre and slow release foods such as porridge or muesli helps to keep you feeling full until lunch and stops you from snacking on sugary treats."

If you start getting peckish at around mid-morning, don't be tempted by the snack dispenser in reception. Instead, keep a bowl of fruit to hand and make it as easy as possible for yourself to snack healthily, by choosing fruit that's not too messy to eat.

"A handful of dried apricots, raisins, nuts or carrot batons are also a good idea," mentioned Helen.

Still not convinced about the healthy living thing? How about this: eating lots of fruit can boost your detox - so if you're feeling a bit guilty about falling off the wagon so soon after New Year's, just stock up on fresh produce.

Cranberries, lemons, oranges and limes are fantastic foods for flushing out toxins and help clean out the digestive system, which should cut out that bloated feeling. They're also packed full of vitamin C, which is one of the best detox tools available to you. Next time you're doing a tea round in the office, try waking yourself up with a cup of warm water and lemon and you should start feeling the benefits within a few days.

Posted by Matilda Jones