With the summer holiday booked and the bikini shopping started, many of us will be wondering how to get toned up before we hit the beach.

Research shows 90 per cent of post-adolescent women have cellulite on their body, with the main problem areas being the bum, back of the thighs, upper arms and stomach, but personal trainer Kelly Du Buisson urges us not to get hung up on the idea of a perfect body.

"Everybody’s body shape is different and there is no single image for what you should look like on the beach," she pointed out.

"However, to treat those trouble spots that spend the rest of the year covered up, try a simple routine which uses wide leg squat jumps. These tone the gluteus, the inner and front of the thigh and the core."

As part of your healthy living regime, try burpees, which involve doing a star-jump then immediately getting on the floor, kicking your legs out far behind you, pulling them back in and repeating the move for a whole minute.

Toning exercises are also great for building muscles - and the more muscles you use, the more calories you burn.

"To keep yourself feeling fit and at your best on the beach, make sure you avoid high calorie and sugary foods that leave you feeling and looking bloated," advised Kelly.

"Avoid ice cream and candy floss - they may taste nice and cool you down, but the sugar in these snacks can cause inflammation in the gut, giving you that bloat that doesn’t sit well in a bikini."

When you’re relaxing in the summer sunshine, remember to keep your fluid intake up because otherwise you could get dehydrated. Kelly recommended boiling some green tea and leaving it to cool while you get ready. Pour it into a spray bottle and take it with you to the beach, so that when your skin feels like it’s had enough you can spritz your own remedy on to freshen up your complexion.

Posted by Laura Andrews