Many of us have had those days where we can hardly get a brush through our tangled dry hair and can barely bring ourselves to touch our locks because they feel so coarse and damaged.

But ’tis the season to sparkle, so why not try a dry hair treatment that will restore your barnet to its natural glory and get it shining and swishing in time for all those Christmas parties?

By using a special hair oil, you could repair the damage caused to your hair by central heating, styling products and the cold weather, turning that untamed frizz into a sleek, chic style.

Olive oil and coconut olive are renowned for their ability to repair damaged hair and make scalps shiny, but they can be hard to wash out if they are applied in their pure form. That’s where products like Fushi’s Really Good Hair Oil comes in, which, as reports, is great for hydrating the scalp and reducing flakes of dry skin.

Writer Row said on the beauty blog that the oil contains an "impressive ingredients list", boasting elements like Argan oil and virgin coconut oil, as well as Ayurvedic herbs to nourish the roots of the hair.

"This oil is really nice to use and easy to wash out! I used it as a treatment for the scalp - lovely. Really hydrated my scalp and meant I had less flakes. I also found it left my hair really shiny and with a nice depth to my hair," she wrote.

"I like how this smells - it’s not outstanding, but it’s sort of lightly floral and nicer than a lot of other hair oils … this is a really fab oil."

To get the best out of your hair oil, warm it up before applying it to sections of your tresses. A little oil goes a long way and the most important part of the process is to massage the product into your scalp and hair for a few minutes.

Wrap your oiled hair in a hot towel and leave the product to soak in. Wash it out afterwards with a herbal shampoo and voila - shiny, strong and scrumptious-smelling locks that will stay hydrated throughout the festive season.

Posted by Laura Andrews