With exercise probably being the main aspect of healthy living that many individuals give up when the going gets tough, it might be worth getting stuck in to the latest fitness trends so that you’ll be motivated by how much fun it is to work out.

According to Mary Comber, editor of Health & Fitness magazine, the biggest trend in exercise at the moment is for functional workouts that mimic the moves we do in everyday life.

"After all, what’s the use of having beautifully toned arms if you can’t run for a bus or lift a heavy suitcase with ease? The goal has shifted from simply looking good to getting fit for your daily life," she explained.

She explained that many gyms are now focusing on providing exercise programmes that promote core strength, flexibility, co-ordination and balance, and some are even removing their fixed static weights machines and replacing them with freestyle training zones where fitness fans can do floor exercise on Yoga mats.

Ms Comber also noted that the rising popularity of smartphones is having a big impact on the world of fitness, because people can access instant workouts, exercise advice and motivation through their fingertips.

"Exercisers are realising it’s not just about going to the gym - they can find something they like and can do at time that suits them, all at the touch of a button," she said.

"Gadgets including timers, GPS trackers and calorie counters are also great for keeping people motivated and excited about their workouts."

With this in mind, many individuals are quitting their gym membership and trying out lower-cost workouts that they can do in the comfort of their own home or round the local area. Lots of people are taking up running because all you need is a pair of decent trainers, while others are investing in workout DVDs or magazines so they can get fit in their living room.

Posted by Freya Harper