One way to get rid of back and shoulder pain is to invest in quality Yoga mats and take up regular sessions, according to one convert.

Journalist Linda Harrison explained that Yoga has had a "miraculous" effect on her body after she was diagnosed with a repetitive strain injury in her shoulder.

In an article for the Daily Express, the writer said she had tried using an ergonomic keyboard and physiotherapy to deal with the pain to no avail, and signed up to Yoga classes in a moment of desperation.

"During my first class something miraculous happened. Sitting on our mats we gently stretched and twisted our bodies," Ms Harrison wrote.

"’Take a deep breath, exhale and try to twist further,’ the teacher said. I felt a sharp ’pop’ as something shifted around the middle of my spine. As I held the pose I can only describe the feeling as a total, blissful release in my muscles."

She has now been taking her Yoga equipment to twice-weekly classes for eight months and says the old injury can start to feel uncomfortable if she misses a session.

Yoga teacher Louise Cashin told the newspaper that Yoga can help combat back pain because the postures are designed to make the spine move and stretch.

"It’s all about posture and body awareness. Certain postures can really help different types of pain," she commented.

Those who work at a computer all day might benefit from Yoga moves, such as ’twists’ and ’standing forward bends’, as these work the muscles around the shoulder blades and upper spine.

"When you’re sitting at a desk, your back muscles are always in contraction because they are keeping you upright," explained Ms Cashin. "When you do a forward bend your spine opens."

Posted by Freya Harper