There are as many different ways to remove makeup as there are people who wear it, from the classic soap and water combo to an interesting use of lotions, potions and cotton wool balls that takes half an hour to complete.

But high street retailer Debenhams is backing the face flannel as the ideal way to get rid of the accumulation of gunk, sweat and dirt at the end of the day, seeing as sales of the cloth have been falling by an average six per cent a year.

Beauty blogger Caroline Hirons is also championing the flannel after a lifetime of personal use.

"They are far more effective in removing makeup, dirt and grime than a muslin cloth due to their weight, size and most importantly, their ability to retain heat for longer," she argued.

"Flannels are more affordable and therefore more hygienic - I recommend using a fresh one every day."

Using the warmth of a flannel means you can get your natural beauty products to penetrate further into the skin, making them much more effective, while the comparative roughness of a face cloth compared to disposable wipes gives your complexion a decent exfoliation, leaving it naturally glowing.

Debenhams spokeswoman Michelle Dowdall commented: "Everyone has forgotten how cleaning your skin with a flannel every day is one of the best ways to remove excess oils and dead, dull skin. The humble flannel should be an essential part of everyday beauty therapy. It has a strong track record proving that using it is just as much a key to looking good as using a hairbrush, lipstick or mascara."

Indeed, using your flannel to warm up herbal oils and apply them to your face could get rid of blackheads, spots and other blemishes if you follow the oil cleaning method every so often.

This involves cleansing your face with a blend of carrier oils and other oils, such as sunflower seed oil to combat dryness, and using a warm face cloth to remove the solution afterwards.

Posted by Laura Andrews